Two-Stage Steady Cool Compressor has two stage expansion of the refrigerant under two stage compression, that leads to Steady Cooling and Steady Savings.

20 Reasons to choose Voltas all star inverter AC

Voltas all star inverter ac advantage

Voltas All Star Inverter AC is powered by DC Inverter Technology which is the latest energy efficient technology for Air Conditioners. It reduces power consumption by
maintaining an ideal temperature without frequently turning the compressor on and off. It also operates at different capacities based on the cooling requirements. Thus, giving you maximum comfort at minimal power consumption.

Two - Stage Steady Cool Compressor

Voltas All Star Inverter AC has a Two-Stage Steady Cool Compressor, which operates on a unique two stage inverter technology, that lets you minimize the running cost of your AC effectively.

Conventional Inverter Compressor
Two-Stage Stedy Cool Compressor
Wider application range
Cools easily at high temperature and heats easily at low temperature
Improved heating and cooling capacity
Air discharge temperature

High Ambient Cooling & Low Ambient Heating

Voltas All Star Inverter AC cools even at -30°C to 55°C. With its improved cooling and heating capacity, it cools easily at high temperatures and heats fast at low temperatures.

Cooling in extreme high temperature
Heating in extreme low temperature

Super Silent Operation

Voltas All Star Inverter AC cools super silently with noise level as low as 18dB(A).

50dB (A)
18dB (A)
During operation of All Star AC
20dB (A)
Sound of leaves
40dB (A)
Slight discomfort for noise-sensitive people
30dB (A)
Quiet room
During operation of
conventional AC
*The features are available on select models only.

Instant Cooling

Voltas All Star Inverter AC delivers higher air flow with its unique louvre design to help cool the room faster with no hot spot.

7 Stage Filtration Advantage

*The features are available on select models only.

Intelligent sleep modes

Sound sleep mode

Sets to body temperature and will adjust automatically.

Siesta mode

Set temperature will be adjusted according to siesta characteristics.

Good sleep mode

Before you getup, set temperature will decrease/increase automatically.

Diy mode

You can set temperature curve and sleep time munually

Stabilizer free operation

Smooth operation under wide Voltage fluctuations from 150V - 270V, without need of a stabilizer.

*The features are available on select models only.

I-Feel Technology

Sensor in remote depicts actual temperature around you.

*The features are available on select models only.

7 Speed fan function

Variable speed mode

You can choose from 7 types of fan speed options to choose from. This ensures superior comfort and convenience in all types of heat.

*The features are available on select models only.