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Voltas unveils its fresh brand store in Chattisgarh

Chattisgarh, 27th August 2011: -Voltas, a Tata Group company has unveiled the 1st brand store in Chattisgarh, close on heels with the launch of its extensive range of air conditioners for 2011. With a clear focus on consumers in non-metros and a maturing audience upgrading to a technologically advanced energy efficient models, air conditioning major Voltas today opened its newly renovated state of the art brand store ‘Voltas Brand Shop’ at Jain sales, Jeevan Plaza, G.E. Road, Durg, Chattisgarh. This store stands out in its get-up amongst the stores built in the recent past and has a distinct location advantage. The store was inaugurated by Mr. Pradeep Bakshi, COO, UPBG, Voltas Limited. 

The complete range of Voltas products can be seen at the showroom, including the new range along with recent updates. The extensive product line has been launched based on the realization, that the market is not homogeneous and that every consumer has a different need, which needs to be addressed. The new range includes five new models with 5-Star ratings for energy efficiency, with 20 variants, helping sustain the lead which Voltas gained by being first to market with star-rated ACs, as well as a pioneer in star-rated 2-ton ACs, with maximum efficiency ensured by one-of-a-kind scroll compressors. The star attractions will include Vertis Elegant, Vertis Gemini, Vertis Pluto, Vertis Pearl and Platina, and the re-launch of the revolutionary DC Inverter Technology. 

At the inauguration of its 1st brand store in Chattisgarh, Mr. Pradeep Bakshi, COO, UPBG, Voltas Limited said, "We have developed this new range keeping in mind the delight of our customers. Voltas for years has been synonymous with superior technology and eco-friendliness. Now, with this collection, we will surely draw rave reactions for both aesthetic appeal and efficiency.” He added “Voltas was poised to reach the No 1 position (from its present second placing), and set new benchmarks in the cooling industry. Voltas is continuing its ‘Sensible Cooling’ campaign into its second year, and is confidently offering savings of upto 40% on customers’ electricity bills. The claim is backed by winning of multiple awards in 2010-11 from different sources, namely Superbrand, Powerbrand, Urjavaran and Trusted Brand." 

The brand is equally geared up with its unmatched after-sales function through a robust service infrastructure offering speed and reach to household and institutional clientele. Testimony to the above is the preparedness offered by the newly opened “Voltas Brand Shop” which is equipped with complete infrastructure for installing domestic and commercial Air Conditioners and have been able to retain its valued clients by virtue of its superior and prompt after sales service. 

With the opening of a fresh store, Voltas has renewed its commitment towards enhancing consumer buying experience besides ensuring reach and availability of products through an augmentation in retail footprint with 5000 touch points across the country. The brand is poised to outgrow its existing numbers with ambitious growth plans of touching the 1.2 Million mark in this financial year. In line with the above objective, the brand has doubled its marketing and communication budget for the year, to ensure superior mind share across segments.