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Voltas unveils its 2015 range of All Weather Smart ACs

Voltas unveils its 2015 range of All Weather Smart ACs

Voltas has launched its new range of 'All-Weather Smart' ACs, offering an array of choices, and a number of distinctive features including: smart inverter technology, which saves unto 63 percent power; a Smart (Android-based) mobile application that provides direct AC control from one's handset; and smart sense technology, which can detect the ambient temperature and weather, and recommend the best AC settings.

The new 'All-Weather Smart' AC line is expected to continue the growth momentum and sustain market supremacy. As per the independent retail audit study across multi brand outlets, the company has a room AC market share of 20.8 percent for 2014-15. Voltas thus remains the No one AC brand, and has for three consecutive years, held the highest market share in the AC category, well ahead of its nearest competitor.

Elaborating on the new 2015 range of air conditioners, Mr Bakshi said, "Voltas has been witnessing robust growth based on its consumer-centric innovations, energy-efficient 'all-weather' products, clutter-breaking marketing initiatives, and a strong presence in tier-II and tier III markets. This year we have upped the ante by not only accurately reading our customers' pulse, but also establishing a deeper link with their needs and wishes, with our "All-Weather Smart ACs."

To communicate the efficiency and benefits of its latest AC offerings, Voltas has further developed its 2015 campaign, through its brand protagonist Mr Murthy, now into his fourth year of effectively humanizing the benefits of owning Voltas 'All-Weather' ACs. Voltas recently won the coveted India Effie Award and APAC EFFIE Award, in the 'Best On-Going Campaign' category. In the new campaign, Mr. Murthy visits his in-laws, generating some consumer-centric chemistry between the three of them.

The popularity of Voltas ACs is testimony to its extensive reach and visibility across markets, as well as its superior brand experience, resulting from fine design, visual appeal and innovative features. The Company now offers a strong product line-up of 78 variants of split ACs, including the Inverter range, through more than 10,000 retail outlets nationwide.