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Voltas included as a Superbrand for 2010-11

After the success of the show the Superbrands organization was founded in 1995. Its mandate focused on promoting the discipline of branding and identifying and paying tribute to exceptional brands.

Participation in Business Superbrands programme is strictly by invitation only. Brands do not apply to enter the selection process 

The entire selection process consists of 2 stages of assessment, the qualifying stage and the evaluation stage. At the qualifying stage, brands are accessed from 3 aspects, locality, longevity and financial stability.

Once the brands are qualified through the first stage, they then will be evaluated by an independent panel of Marketing and branding experts together with senior business leaders and/or invited to complete a submission form. The Superbrands Brand Panel evaluates brands based on the following five criteria:

  • Reputation : Has the brand an excellent reputation
  • Market Share : Does the brand command a significant market share
  • Achievement : The Company has introduced new innovations, products or services or contributed to job creation within the last 18 months
  • Recognition : The brand has been awarded by independent bodies.
  • Corporate & Social Responsibility : The Company is able to demonstrate proactive corporate and social responsibility in its business activities. For further information about Business Superbrands programme

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