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Voltas customers participate in nation wide JAGMAG

Every Voltas AC customer now has the chance to participate in a nationwide initiative -- the 'Lighting up a billion lives' campaign for electrification of rural homes, being conducted by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), with Voltas' enthusiastic support.

Under the banner of Jagmag desh mera, the initiative has already been splashed in a memorable full-page newspaper ad, and is going to continue making news.

Every customer who buys from the Voltas 'Star-Rated AC' range is making his contribution, while receiving a host of benefits:

Save money through its lower energy consumption and reduced operating costs, while enjoying world-class cooling performance. Voltas' Star-Rated ACs guarantee exceptional power saving and a generous reduction in electricity billing as high as Rs. 8250 (indicative saving under the conditions - 1 KW power consumption = 1 unit with 8 hr / day AC runtime & 70% compressor on. 1 unit cost = Rs. 5/-, ACs being used for 12 months ) annually. The Star-Rated ACs have been certified by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Government of India.

Show responsible citizenship by reducing energy consumption, and thereby helping conserve this precious resource.Voltas customers thus have the satisfaction of personally contributing to a pressing global movement.

Join the Voltas JAGMAG drive to electrify a million rural homes, the initiative being conducted by TERI, with whom Voltas is partnered. The drive relies entirely on sustainable energy resources like solar power, which have a zero carbon footprint. Voltas customers will thus be contributing even more to the conservation cause.

Voltas is actively encouraging its customers to participate through direct purchasing, as well as by spreading the word among their friends and relatives. It's a rare opportunity to make a significant impact in creating a brighter future for India.