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Voltas RO & UV Purifier Water Cooler

Key Features

Cooling retention

A unique In-situ PUF insulation ensures that water remains cool for a longer period in case of power outage and hence saves power

Eco Friendly Refrigerant

CFC free refrigerant ensures that there is no damage to the environment

Faster Cooling

High energy efficient compressor speeds up the cooling process

Aesthetic & Compact Design

Allows the cooler to fit even in cramped spaces

5 Stage Filtration Advantage

Sediment Filter,Active Carbon Filter,Block Carbon Filter,Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Ultra Violet (UV)

Technical Specifications

Storage Capacity [Litres]40/80 PSS/FSS RO
Dimensions (W X D x H) [mm]461 X 582 X 1441
Cooling Capacity of the water cooler (liters/hour)40
Storage Capacity of the water cooler (liters)80
Water FilterRO + UV + Sediment + Carbon
Material of construction - Outer PanelsStainless steel AUS J1 grade
No of taps for cold water2
CompressorHermetically sealed, Reciprocating compressor
CondenserPropeller Fan
Refrigerant usedR -134 a
Thermal insulationPUF, 35 mm.
Temperature Range10~25°C