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Voltas Normal & Cold Water Cooler

Key Features

Cooling retention
Eco Friendly Refrigerant
Durable Tank
Faster Cooling
Aesthetic & Compact Design
Normal & Cold Water option

Technical Specifications

Storage Capacity [Litres]40/80 NCW FSS/PSS
Overall dimensions of the unit (WxHxD) [mm]460 x 582 x 1460
Cooling Capacity of the water cooler (liters/hour)40
Storage Capacity of the water cooler (liters)80
Material of construction - Outer PanelsPre coated GI Sheets & Stainless steel AUS J1 grade
No of taps for cold water/normal water1/1
CompressorHermetically sealed, Reciprocating compressor
CondenserFin & Tube type
Refrigerant usedR -134 a
Thermal insulationPUF, 35 mm.
Temperature Range10~25°C