Commercial Refrigerators


Deep Freezers

Wide range of capacities in Hard Top, Glass Top , Curved Glass Top Deep Freezers and Convertible Freezer to store to keep food fresh and cool for longer duration

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Chest Coolers

Wide range of capacities in Single door and Double door Hard Top Chest Coolers designed for long term storage.

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Combo Coolers

Enjoy the dual functionality of a cooler and a freezer

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Visi Coolers

Voltas Visi Coolers and Vertical Freezers with wide range of capacities, designed to cool uniformly as well as showcase the products inside

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Water Coolers

Quench your thirst for chilled and pure water with Voltas Water Coolers available in various capacities and purification capabilities.

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Chocolate Coolers

Combining sturdy with style, the polished design of Voltas Chocolate Coolers showcases the chocolates in the best way possible.

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Freezer On Wheels

Store your ice cream for longer. Move it with the utmost ease with Voltas Freezer on Wheels.

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Cold Rooms

Eco-friendly, energy efficient and IOT enabled modular cold rooms from India’s No. 1 AC and ComRef brand

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