Brand Story of Voltas

Voltas PureAir 6 stage Adjustable AC

The all-new Voltas PureAir 6 stage Adjustable AC, India’s first AC with HEPA Filter, PM1.0 sensor and AQI Indicator; comes with 6 adjustable tonnage modes, leading to cool, pristine, pure air, and savings.

Voltas Maha Adjustable PureAir AC

Introducing the new Voltas Maha Adjustable PureAir AC with 5 stage adjustable mode and the Super UVC Technology that kills 99.9% of the germs in the air so your family can stay safe and comfortable.

Voltas Maha Adjustable AC TVC

The future of ACs is here! Presenting India's first Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC with Multi-Adjustable Mode. It runs at three different cooling capacities for your different cooling needs. #VoltasMahaAdjustableInverterAC

Voltas AIR DVC

Introducing Voltas Air, a unique range of Air Purifiers from Voltas. With its excellent 6-stage filtration process, a precision of 0.01 micron, and a filtration rate of 99.9%, it eliminates impurities with ease. Now, experience pure air in the comfort of your home.

Voltas Adjustable AC TVC

Why adjust when the AC can adjust for you?

Presenting the All New Voltas Adjustable Inverter AC, which runs at different cooling capacities for your different cooling needs. The unique adjustable mode not only helps you keep comfortable in different situations but also saves on your electricity bills. #VoltasAdjustableInverterAC

All Star Inverter AC

Murthy outwits his Atithi as his Inverter AC cools consistently and saves more.

All Star Inverter AC

In 2017, Voltas augmented its All Star value proposition by adding the benefit of All Weather and launched Voltas All Star Inverter AC. The consumer could run the AC throughout the year and yet save more. Murthy's neighbors like to spend time at his house than theirs as he has Voltas All Star Inverter AC, which gives dual benefit of comfort in all types of weathers as well as savings.

All Star AC

In 2016, Voltas launched its range of Inverter AC as “All Star” with the value proposition of ‘Run 2 AC at the cost of 1’, which helped to de-mystify the concept of Inverter AC in the minds of the consumers. The Gupta and Sharma families learnt the lesson of not squeezing their families in a single room with an ulterior motive of using only 1 AC.

All Weather Smart AC

Voltas launched its range of Smart AC which can be operated from anywhere using Wi-Fi and Infra Red technology. Smart Murthy is able to outwit his father in law using the Smart AC.

Smart Save
Smart Remote
Smart Sense
Chennai / Humid
Delhi / Heat
Rajasthan / Dusty
Delhi / Winter
All Weather AC

Voltas de-seasonalized the AC category by launching its All Weather AC which can run throughout the year in any season summer, monsoon and winter. Our brand protagonist Murthy, an affable guy who keeps on getting transferred to different parts of the country stays comfortable with the Voltas All Weather AC. In the next 2 years, Voltas further augmented the All Weather value proposition in 2013 & 2014.

Kota / Heat
Cherapunji / Humid
Mukteshwar / Winter
Sensible Cooling

In 2010, Voltas launched the Sensible Cooling campaign, which made the consumers aware of the key benefits of optimal cooling and energy efficiency obtained from Voltas AC.

Jagmag Desh Mera

In 2008, Voltas took up cause marketing through “Jagmag Desh Mera” campaign by recognizing the pressing need of low running cost desired by consumers, and appealed to spirit of philanthropy through its contribution to rural lighting.

Star Rated AC

In 2007, Voltas pioneered the concept of star rating in Air Conditioners, and launched the Voltas range of star rated AC.

India ka dil india AC

In 2006, Voltas launched India Ka Dil, India Ka AC, where the brand leveraged its Indian roots and legacy in Air Conditioning category.

Voltas Fresh Air Cooler

Introduced 'Har Garmi Ka Cooler' with Smart Humidity Controller which gives comfort in sticky heat along with dry heat. Mishra family gets rid of the Kaamchor Cooler and gets a Voltas Fresh Air Cooler which keeps them comfortable during the entire summer season.

Voltas Fresh Air Cooler

Introduced Voltas Fresh Air Coolers with value proposition of "Bring Home Cool & Fresh Air". The couple in the TVC realize it's better to get cool & fresh air of the hill station, sitting in the comfort of their home with the Voltas Air Cooler.