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The Multifarious Benefits of the Voltas Inverter Pure Air Inverter AC

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  • May 4, 2022

The Multifarious Benefits of the Voltas Inverter Pure Air Inverter AC

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AC shopping can be quite overwhelming, especially with the number of options the market has on offer. It is quite easy for the average consumer to feel lost and ponder on whether a non-inverter AC would suffice for their home environment or if they should invest in a Pure Air Inverter AC.

With Voltas Inverter Pure Air Inverter AC, you can put an end to your hunt for a cooling system. Given the fact that the Pure Air Inverter AC will last around 10-15 years, thus the value of buying this AC system will prove worth the investment over time.

Here we look at the benefits of the Voltas Inverter Pure Air Inverter AC and what makes it a good investment for people looking for a complete air conditioning solution.

What is UVC, and Why Do You Need It?
This Pure Air Inverter AC comes with a state-of-the-art SUPER UVC LED system with a peak emission wavelength of 180 nm to 280 nm. Tested at NABL Accredited Lab, the UVC quickly disinfects the air indoors, killing 99.9% of harmful germs and pathogens like viruses and bacteria.

Titanium Dioxide Filtration
The product comes equipped with a titanium oxide-coated air filtration system that removes all harmful gasses and VOC (volatile organic compounds), removes toxic gases from the indoor surroundings, and guarantees clean and healthier air for human consumption.

5 Stage Adjustable Modes
This Voltas product comes with a unique 5-stage adjustable Inverter AC that changes the air conditioner’s cooling capacity depending on the people and ambient weather conditions. Prolonged Usage For users looking to use the air conditioner for more than four hours a day, the Voltas Pure Air Inverter AC is the perfect product. Its five-star rating ensures maximum savings even with prolonged use.

High Ambient Cooling
Even if the mercury hits 52°C outside, The Voltas Pure AC cools the room quickly and uniformly with no hot spots.

Super Dry
The super-dry mode of Voltas Pure AC sucks out the moisture from the room. This function is best suited for the rainy or fall seasons when the humidity level is too high. Using the dry mode ensures a fresh feel to the indoor environment.

Fluctuation Safe
Voltage fluctuations can pose severe problems to an air conditioner. This Voltas product has a wide operating voltage range ranging from 100V-290V, ensuring smooth operation regardless of the voltage flow.

The Voltas Pure Air Inverter AC offers various features that makes it the perfect fit for any home environment. One of the highlights is that its 100% copper coat provides maximum durability even in extreme weather conditions.

Other Exciting Features
Apart from having some of the most exclusive set of features in the market, this premium Voltas product delivers extra value through some exciting additions. Other value-added features include self-diagnosis, instant cooling, eco friendly refrigerant, sleep mode, and instant cooling.

Whether you want to invest in the Voltas ADQ Maha Super UVC or Maha UVC, you can be assured of the quality, best-in-class performance, and reliable after-sales service that the brand is renowned for.

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