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Shield Your Indoors From All Airborne Threats Using Voltas Air Purifier

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  • May 4, 2022

Shield Your Indoors From All Airborne Threats Using Voltas Air Purifier

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The dangerously increasing AQI (Air Quality Index) is becoming the primary concern everywhere. The increasing air pollution and infections are menacing the health and welfare of people. Many studies suggest that indoors and outdoors are almost equally polluted by the prevalence of harmful allergens, pollutants, bacterias and viruses.

Therefore, it is high time that we take immediate measures to combat these airborne threats today. We must ascertain the quality of the air that we breathe indoors. We must keep our surroundings clean, germ-free, and ventilated. And fortunately, the VOLTAS air purifier is a one- stop solution for that. Air purifiers are no longer an option. VOLTAS air purifier acts as a protective shield against pollution.

How Do Air Purifiers Work
Indoor air purifiers work in close proximity. Air purifiers are commonly responsible for purifying the air by eliminating harmful chemicals, pollens and different kinds of allergens. However, eradicating microscopic airborne particles, enzymes, bacterias, and viruses require a high potential air purification system. Most air purifiers in the market lack that potential, whereas the VOLTAS air purification system is highly potent in combating tough and deadly microbes.

VOLTAS air purifier has a unique 6-stage air filtration system that filters even the most microscopic particles in the air. Then its antimicrobial agents kill microbes like bacteria and bigger pathogens. Then again, HEPA 13 filter chamber eradicates the toughest and smallest microscopic elements. Finally, the last process includes ionizing the air. After that, it becomes ideal for breathing.

Benefits of Using VOLTAS Air Purifier
Many recent studies have shown that more than a billion people suffer from acute or chronic respiratory diseases. The numbers are just increasing every day. The prevalence of diseases like Asthama and Bronchitis is emerging at a greater pace. Nebulizers, inhalers, humidifiers, and face masks have become mandatory these days.

Indoors are just as affected as outdoors. Only air purifiers that contain multiple filters can purify the air to a greater extent. VOLTAS air purifiers reduce even the most microscopic elements and particles that are harmful. These microbes can create infections in our respiratory systems and cause asthma, chronic bronchitis, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD).

  1. Microbial particles such as pet dander, pollen, food particles, and dust mites can inflame the bronchial tubes and worsen asthmatic symptoms. VOLTAS air purifiers have a six-stage air purification system that eliminates the slightest impurities in the air.
  2. Many indoor construction materials, chemical agents like ammonia and chlorine (found in cleaning agents) could cause respiratory issues in people with auto-immune diseases. VOLTAS air purifier has HEPA technology filters that remove 99.7% of microbes and chemical particles in the air.
  3. Its extensive air purification system is specially designed to keep our homes safe and secure from harmful germs and bacterias.
  4. VOLTAS air purifiers are also good at neutralizing the odour indoors. Some aerosols, building materials, and household equipment can spread fumes and strong odours inside the house. Its HEPA technology has 6-stage filters that can trap fumes, gases, and odour.

Conclusion: An air purifier is no longer an option these days. The decreasing AQI (Air Quality Index) in most cities is becoming a major threat to people. Children and senior citizens are at greater risk. Therefore, we urge you to stop taking chances with your family’s health and bring home a VOLTAS air purifier today.