Factors That Make Voltas Air Coolers Fabulous Long-Term Investments

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  • December 1, 2018
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Factors That Make Voltas Air Coolers Fabulous Long-Term Investments

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Don’t have the budget for a Voltas air-conditioner? Consider the next best option – a Voltas air cooler! Voltas air cooler prices are considerably lower than AC prices and are easier on electricity bills. Air cooler prices vary based on several factors such as cooling capacity, size, style and features and it’s important to keep all these factors in mind to make the best possible choice.

Styles on Offer

Voltas air coolers are available in four popular styles – tower coolers, desert coolers, personal coolers and window coolers. Tower coolers come with turbo air throw and are a good choice for large spaces such as offices or lounges. Desert coolers offer powerful performance and are great for combatting serious heat. Personal coolers are compact, ideal for individual use and typically consume less power. Window coolers can be fitted in window openings to give an AC like appearance.

Come with Various Water-holding Capacities

Along with the Voltas air cooler price, review product specifications to get all the information you need. Consider the tank size and room size to select the best option for your application. For example, a window air cooler with 50 litre capacity and a powerful 35 ft. throw distance is quite suitable for a room measuring 200 sq. ft. A compact personal air cooler with 15 litre capacity is adequate to cool a room measuring up to 105 sq. ft.

Performance Enhancing Features

For the Voltas air cooler price, you get a lot of value-adding features that vary from model to model. Most Voltas air coolers come with durable honeycomb cooling pads that provide uniform cooling. Some window air cooler models feature wood wool cooling pads that deliver instant, optimal cooling. Most models feature a motor with thermal overload protector, a useful feature to have in times of voltage fluctuations. Some desert air cooler models come with a smart humidity controller that optimizes humidity in ambient air.

Convenience Enhancing Features

Voltas air coolers imbibe features that enhance convenience – for instance, a remote control for hassle free operation. They come with automatic low water level detection in tanks. Besides this, they offer multi-stage filtration to remove dust and other hazardous particles. A sleep timer is another useful feature that many models incorporate – with an eight hour timer feature, you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep because you won’t have to wake up to switch off the unit.
Offering superior cooling performance, rich features and affordable pricing, Voltas air coolers are among the best ones available in India. Explore the entire range to find the best fit for your requirements!

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