3 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Cooling Costs In The Summer

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  • August 22, 2018
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3 Easy Ways To Cut Down On Cooling Costs In The Summer

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With rising temperatures, it has become a necessity to install an air conditioner in your home so that you can keep cool in hot months. The major drawbacks of installing an air conditioner are the initial air conditioner price and the operating costs of running an AC. It consumes a lot of electricity and can give you a hard time when paying the bills, but there are a few measures you can take to reduce operating costs.


Make Use Of Your Ceiling Fan!

Although a ceiling fan does nothing to cool the room, and is much cheaper than air conditioner price, it does make the room more comfortable. Running your ceiling fan while your air conditioner is turned on will not only help you feel cooler because of the fast moving breeze, but will also allow you to run your air conditioner at a higher temperature than you usually do.


Use Your Air Conditioner At An Optimal Temperature.

It is tempting to turn down your air conditioner to its lowest temperature as soon as you enter the room, thinking the room will cool faster, but in reality, it does not help much. Keep your air conditioners running at the optimal temperature, preferably at 24 deg C as this will help you save on your electricity bill. The lesser the difference between in temperatures inside the house and outside, the less money you will end up spending on operating costs for your air conditioner.


Reduce Heat Build-up During The Day

There are many factors inside the house and outside that contribute to the build-up of excess heat in the house, no matter how efficient your air conditioner may claim to be and however high the air conditioner price. Knowing what these factors are, and taking steps to reduce heat build-up, will allow your air conditioner to work less during the day. For example, prolonged usage of computers and other electronic devices lead to a lot of heat generation inside the house. Try to use electronic devices sparingly, and turn these devices off when not in use, to reduce heat generation. Try to push activities such as cooking and using the dishwasher towards the cooler parts of the day to avoid excessive heat build-up. These steps can help you lower the power consumption of your air conditioner.


Taking these few steps will definitely help you save loads on your cooling costs and help you have a cost efficient, environment friendly, and cool summer!

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